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International Coffee Day
September 29. You should know this date if you can't imagine your morning without strong coffee. It is not only a motivator to act, but also an opportunity to meet, talk or take some time for yourself.
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Coffee for two
Valentine's Day is the perfect time to plan time together with your significant other and enjoy a moment just for yourself. How to plan this day? Conversations over coffee are the perfect scenario. Which coffee recipes are worth trying on February 14?
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Coffee with Pomeranian flavor
"We are developing our own style, we want to emphasize local character," says Dawid Banaczek, founder of Gdańska Palarni Kawy. Is roasting coffee difficult? What is the job of a roaster? What inspires owners when creating new products? Get to know the behind-the-scenes of their work.
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The best coffee born from family passion
Roasting coffee is an art, a bit like painting a picture - say the owners of Gdańska Palarni Kawy. Where did the idea to start a company come from? How do they divide responsibilities? Get to know the passion of Anna and Dawid Banaczek.
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