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Coffee for two

Coffee for two

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to plan some quality time with your significant other and enjoy a moment just for yourselves. How to plan this day? Conversations over coffee are the perfect scenario. Which coffee recipes are worth trying on February 14th?

Coffee reduces stress and also improves blood circulation. It's well known that coffee is also considered an aphrodisiac. If we additionally spice it up with ingredients like cinnamon, cardamom, or vanilla, the drink will take on a whole new dimension. It's worth preparing something sweet to accompany the coffee. On this day, desserts using chocolate will reign supreme. To make the Valentine's coffee memorable, it should be slightly different from the one we drink every day.

Among the most popular types of coffee, on Valentine's Day you can enjoy, for example, a Cappuccino, which is espresso with frothed milk and creamy milk foam on top. To prepare this coffee, you can use Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Espresso from our store. Cappuccino is usually served in a cup, sprinkled with a bit of cocoa. On Valentine's Day, cocoa can be replaced with chocolate shavings.

For dessert lovers, we recommend Affogato coffee, which is often ordered as a dessert because it consists of one or two scoops of ice cream drowned in a portion of espresso. It's an excellent combination of coffee with sweetness.

Or perhaps Viennese coffee? This type of coffee will appeal to sweet tooths who also like stronger coffee. It's two shots of espresso in a cup, topped up with a generous amount of whipped cream. It's usually decorated with cocoa powder or chocolate sauce.

Combining coffee and chocolate is always a good choice. Mocha Coffee is simply Caffé Latte with chocolate. To prepare it, you only need 3 ingredients: coffee, chocolate, and milk. We add a large espresso shot to chocolate syrup or melted chocolate, mix it all together, and pour in frothed milk.

Cardamom or cinnamon can be crushed, mixed with freshly ground coffee beans, and then brewed. Adding a bit of grated ginger will also spice up the coffee. The aroma of sweetness can be complemented with honey. In the Gdańsk Coffee Roastery store, you will find plenty of coffees that are suitable not only for espresso machines or moka pots, but also for pour-over methods.