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About us

Gdańska Palarnia Kawy is a local, family-owned company. We, Anna Iga Banaczek and Dawid Banaczek, decided one day to open our own business. Today in Gdańsk, we create top-quality coffee. We collaborate with local entrepreneurs. Our policy of strengthening family-owned businesses and promoting local products is extremely important to us.


Where Do Coffee Beans Come From?


In our online store, you will find only Arabica beans with the highest scores. They have from 80 to 100 points according to the international SCAA scale. We always thoroughly check the history of the origin of coffee beans. Only those from the latest harvests reach us. This way, we can guarantee our customers the highest freshness of coffee.

It is very important for us that:
* the beans are produced sustainably (impact on the natural environment, no use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides)
* farmers and their workers receive fair market compensation for their work.


What Else Sets Gdańska Palarnia Kawy Apart?


We do everything ourselves. The way we roast coffee is very important to us. We pay attention to every, even the smallest detail. That's why every coffee prepared from our beans has such a perfect taste. Just like you, we love coffee and know how to take care of it properly.

We roast beans using traditional methods in the drum roaster COFFED SR15. To maintain their natural flavor profile, each type of coffee is roasted separately. This allows us to extract the individual taste and true richness of aromas from the beans.
We collaborate with cafes and restaurants that serve guests the highest quality coffee. We only work with places that, like us, know the value and quality of coffee. We send them coffee beans up to one week after roasting at most.


What Are Coffee Roasting Profiles?


During the roasting process, coffee is subjected to very high temperatures. Chemical changes occur in the bean, giving the coffee a perfect taste and aroma. When the beans reach the desired roasting profile, we immediately cool them. The process stops then.

There are no professional names that define the roasting profile. That's why we created our own guide.

Light roasting means a very high caffeine content. Most of our coffees are medium roasted. This level of roasting results in balanced taste and full aroma. We provide graphical markings for each coffee, making it easier to understand its taste and roasting level.