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Loyalty points

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Collect points and exchange them for discounts!

We encourage you to actively collect points for every purchase, so you can enjoy attractive discounts!
The more points you accumulate, the greater benefits you can receive during subsequent transactions.
Don't miss the opportunity to save money - collect points and enjoy unique discounts on your favorite products!

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How does it work?

In our loyalty program, the rules are simple - for every spent złoty, you receive one point.
You will also receive points for reviews and ratings of products.

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Buy your favorite coffee - for every
spent złoty, you'll receive 1 point

By choosing our coffee, you not only indulge in your favorite flavor, but also collect points
in our loyalty program - for every spent złoty, you'll receive one point.

1 PLN = 1 PT

20 PT = 1 PLN

Remember! To have points credited to your account,
you must be logged in during purchases.

You can find the program regulations here!

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