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A gift for Mother's Day - a set of coffees from the heart

A gift for Mother's Day - a set of coffees from the heart

Mother's Day is a special occasion. All mothers deserve the best. However, choosing a gift is often a real challenge for their children. Sometimes, a mother may have an idea for a gift for herself for a long time. In that case, it's simple.

It's much harder when your mom "already has everything." In such a situation, it's worth giving her something special that is not necessarily a necessity but will bring a smile to her face.
If your mom enjoys coffee, we have some fantastic gift suggestions for you.

Coffee starter kit

When mom is in the stage of exploring new flavors, this coffee starter kit will surely appeal to her. With these coffees, she can embark on a mini journey around the world. The set includes coffees from: Peru, India, Ethiopia, and Brazil. Each of them weighs 250 grams.

An undeniable advantage of this coffee set is that it can be prepared in many ways. Whether your mom has a moka pot, espresso machine, pour-over, or simply likes to pour hot water over it, she can enjoy the taste of coffee.

What's included in the set?

Included in the set, Brazilian coffee is our bestseller. It comes from the Cerrado region and consists entirely of Arabica coffee. It is intense in flavor and slightly acidic. It's a good choice for women because it has a taste of nuts and chocolate.
·      In this coffee set, you will also find Indian coffee. More precisely, it is India Monsooned Malabar. It is characterized by fairly high intensity and slight acidity. You can taste an interesting flavor combination: Brown sugar + Tobacco + Roasted peanuts.
·      The third proposal in the set is Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Espresso coffee. It stands out for its sweetness, watery-creamy consistency, and slightly spicy aftertaste. You can taste the following flavors: Honey + Earl grey + Chocolate.
·      The last one in the set is Peruvian Chanchamayo coffee. It's Peruvian coffee. Slightly sweet with a heavier body. You can taste caramel notes in it. You can find the mom's coffee set here:

Other coffee sets

In the Gdańsk Coffee Roasters, we also recommend an espresso and filter coffee set. Each of them contains three types of coffee. For moms who, even in their thoughts, would like to be by the sea, the Tricity Set 3 x 250 will be a good choice. It includes Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot coffee. They are all equally delicious and aromatic.

Since we're talking about relaxation and getaways, a good idea for Mother's Day could be a cozy set. It consists of cozy coffee, Kashubian coffee, and morning coffee. These aromatic coffees with interesting flavors, such as chocolate and nuts, encourage relaxation and thinking about oneself.
Coffee is the perfect gift for mom because with a cup of her favorite brew, she will finally have a moment for herself. Order your chosen coffee set today to arrive on time and bring joy to your mom!



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