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International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day

Coffee Day - where did it come from and how to celebrate it?

September 29th. That's when we celebrate Polish Coffee Day. You should know this date if you can't imagine a morning without strong coffee. It is not only a motivator for action but also an opportunity for meetings, conversations, or moments for yourself. In our country, Coffee Day has been celebrated for only 2 years, so you may not have heard of it. However, International Coffee Day has been on the calendar since 2014. This year it falls on October 1st, a Saturday. We will show you what Coffee Day looks like worldwide and suggest some proven ideas for celebrating it.

Where did International Coffee Day come from?

Coffee is a valued brew in many countries worldwide. Therefore, the idea to dedicate one of the holidays to it is nothing new. In Ethiopia, such a day has been in the calendar since 2010. In the United States since 2005. However, there was no common holiday for all coffee lovers. This changed in 2014. That's when International Coffee Day (International Coffee Day) was established at the initiative of the International Coffee Organization. It was first celebrated at Expo 2015 in Milan. The event was dominated by the idea of fair trade. The focus was on supporting small producers and reducing poverty in coffee-producing countries. The Fair Trade principle states that people are more important than money. The first International Coffee Day was dedicated to the problems of coffee producers. The main ones are poor working conditions and very low wages. However, over time, this has changed somewhat in favor of the workers.

What is the International Coffee Organization?

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) represents coffee-exporting and importing countries. It has been in existence since 1963. Its goal was to facilitate international cooperation in the coffee trade. Member countries represent 98% of global coffee production and 83% of global consumption. The International Coffee Organization helps to reduce poverty in rapidly developing countries, particularly in South America. Equally important for this organization is supporting local coffee growers. This allows even small plantations to reap greater benefits from coffee cultivation.

How is Coffee Day celebrated in Poland?

Regardless of the country, the most important thing is... drinking coffee. There is also no shortage of promotions and special offers in stores for this occasion. It is also worth attending coffee brewing workshops or watching real barista shows. It's a great opportunity, for example, to buy yourself a coffee machine or try out some new coffee blends. At the Gdańsk Coffee Roasters, for example, we offer the Espresso Set 3 x 250. In it, you will find the following coffee types:       
Brazil Cerrado - perfect Brazilian coffee for intense espresso;       
Black Strong - has perfect proportions: Arabica 70%, Robusta 30%;       
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Espresso - real African coffee.

With so many coffees to choose from, you can celebrate Coffee Day every day. Visit the Gdańsk Coffee Roasters for your shopping!


Black Strong 200g

Black Strong 200g

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Brazil Cerrado 200g

Brazil Cerrado 200g

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Espresso set 3 x 200g

Espresso set 3 x 200g

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