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Espresso - coffee that has captivated millions of people!

Espresso - coffee that has captivated millions of people!

5 facts you didn't know about espresso

The name espresso comes from Italian and means "pressed coffee" or "squeezed coffee." This is because espresso is not a specific type of bean or one typical flavor. Espresso is a brewing method. And that leads us to fact number 1!

  1. The preparation method is the most important in espresso

Espresso is prepared in a special machine by pouring water through finely ground beans under pressure. Brewing espresso involves passing about 25-30 ml of water through finely ground and tamped beans, using a pressure of 8.5-9.5 bars. Wondering who came up with such a method of preparing espresso? Well, in 1901, an Italian named Luigi Bezzera designed the first machine specifically for brewing espresso. Unfortunately, the steam flow caused changes in the flavor of the extract. Two years later, this patent was bought by a certain Pavoni, who perfected the machine and made it famous worldwide. But it was not until 40 years later that Giovanni Achille Gaggia made steam no longer rob the beans of their unique flavor.

  1. Too acidic espresso? It's not the fault of the beans!

Acidity in coffee is a good characteristic. However, we are only talking about acidity that gives coffee a lively aroma and a delicate citrus aftertaste. And although high-quality coffee beans should be used to obtain tasty espresso (such as those for "espresso"), when espresso turns out to be unpleasantly acidic, it is usually not the fault of the beans, but rather the incorrect brewing method. The first reason why espresso is acidic is that the beans are ground too coarse. Finer grinding allows for a more balanced flavor to be extracted from the coffee more quickly. Another reason is too cold water. If there is the possibility of temperature regulation, it should be around 90°C. Acidic coffee is simply one from which the unique flavor notes have not been extracted.

  1. Only lattes have layers? It turns out, espresso does too!

Brewing excellent espresso is no small feat. That's why experienced baristas are increasingly in demand by leading cafes. The best espresso consists of three parts: heart, body, and crema, which make up three layers of coffee. The most important of these is the crema, which hides the aromas of the beans. Based on it, it can be determined whether the beans have been well extracted and whether the espresso has been brewed with fresh beans. If the espresso has been brewed correctly, it has a delicate aroma, an extremely rich body, and a subtly acidic sweet-bitter taste.

  1. For the Italian government, espresso is a top priority

Have you ever been to Italy? If so, you surely noticed the strangely low price of espresso in cafes and restaurants. Is it the goodwill of the restaurant owners? Not entirely! Some time ago, the Italian government introduced legal regulations under which espresso must be cheap so that every Italian citizen can afford a cup of this black brew. In most cafes, espresso costs only 1 euro, and convincing customers to buy more expensive filtered coffee, which usually starts at 3 euros, is extremely difficult for the owners of cafes there.

  1. Espresso has less caffeine and more fat than drip coffee 

One serving of espresso is typically a cup containing 30 ml of brew. In such a cup, there is between 47-75 mg of caffeine. In contrast, drip coffee, which we usually drink in slightly larger quantities - 230 ml, contains 95 to 200 mg of caffeine. As for fat, there is about 2.5% fat in espresso due to the fact that in the cup of this type of coffee, there is a higher concentration of oily extracts from the beans than in filtered coffee. 

And if you still don't know what to look for when choosing the right beans, check out our tips on how to choose the best coffee for espresso!


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