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What is the best coffee for autumn? 3 perfect candidates!

What is the best coffee for autumn? 3 perfect candidates!

Autumn is crisp air, golden leaves on sidewalks, thick sweaters, coats, umbrellas, and that... warming delicious coffee. For a specialty coffee to embrace with a richness of aromas and be a perfect complement to autumn days, it should be a combination of flavors associated with this extraordinary season. Discover 3 best coffees for autumn!

Awakening in increasingly darker mornings!
In autumn, go for Black Strong. It's a blend of two perfectly harmonizing coffees. Brazil Cerrado Arabica, tasting like sweet caramel with a hint of milk chocolate, with added depth from hazelnut flavor. The second coffee in this blend is Indian Robusta, enriching the blend with a substantial dose of caffeine, making Black Strong perfect for autumnal, drowsy mornings when you need a strong energy boost. This blend is characterized by low acidity, so enjoy it either black or with your favorite milk. Plant-based milk will also perfectly harmonize with this subtly sweet coffee with a beautiful, distinct aroma.

Warming chocolate, honey, caramel, nuts, and citrus!
Another perfect specialty coffee for autumn is a blend of three delicious Arabicas and one stronger Robusta. Tasty Coffee is a blend of high-quality coffees - Huehuetenango, Ethiopia, Brazil Cerrado, and India Cherry AA robusta. Medium-roasted Huehuetenango brings cocoa notes accompanied by bittersweet chocolate. It's one of the best Guatemalan coffees and an ideal reinforcement for this autumn blend. Ethiopia adds a flavor reminiscent of upcoming holidays - citrusy orange notes. Brazil Cerrado is a versatile Arabica - pleasantly sweet, with hints of milk chocolate, nuts, and toffee. And India Cherry AA robusta adds caffeine to the blend. Wrap yourself in the taste of Tasty Coffee like a warm sweater on chilly autumn days.


The best coffee for autumn, the harmony of autumnal aromas
And if autumn subtly transitioning into winter inevitably evokes the scent of mandarins for you, try a specialty coffee whose richness of flavors includes mandarin, characteristic mulberry, honey, sweet honey aroma, a hint of musk, and the wonderful scent of cedarwood. An amazing combination of cherry delicacy and mild blackcurrant notes. It's a Kenyan coffee, rated by experts as one of the best in the world! It's certainly suitable for celebrating the golden autumn and lifting the mood when the crisp cold turns into piercing cold. Kenya Yara Peaberry Top will make every return home more enjoyable. Taste the composition, which is a perfect harmony of flavors for gatherings with friends.

Experiment with additions in autumn!
Although specialty coffees taste excellent without any additions, in autumn, you can experiment with enriching your coffee with natural additives. Spicy spices such as aromatic cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, or ginger will have a strongly warming effect. For lovers of sweet brews, an interesting combination might be coffee with a spoonful of honey - wildflower honey will add a significant dose of sweetness, while buckwheat honey will add a specific bitter taste. And if autumn also reminds you of citrus fruits, try adding fresh or candied orange peel to your specialty coffee. For those craving strong coffee experiences, a pinch of spicy chili will be perfect!

Choose your ideal specialty coffee for this autumn and survive rainy days with an aromatic, full-flavored black. Enjoy the taste of delicious coffee or add natural additives to it. Don't let the faster-ending autumn day spoil your mood and stock up on enveloping flavor combinations to make this autumn truly exceptional.


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Black Strong 200g

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