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3 reasons why freshly roasted coffee is the best choice!

3 reasons why freshly roasted coffee is the best choice!

The perfect morning? Silence, peace, the slowly awakening day outside, and she - sensual, freshly roasted, the perfect little black. But for the coffee not to disappoint our expectations, it must meet one important criterion. It must be freshly roasted.

Roasting coffee beans became common and moved to large corporations only in the 19th century. Since then, lovers of the black brew can enjoy their favorite coffee more easily and quickly. But why is it so important to prepare coffee from freshly roasted beans?

1. Unique taste and aroma of freshly roasted coffee

Roasting the beans occurs at the right temperature and under controlled conditions. It involves extracting intense flavors, pleasant chocolatey-nutty aromas from the coffee, and removing excess acidity. Coffee plants benefit from the cleanest air and lush vegetation, resulting in intensified aromas, such as in the classic Brazil Cerrado. 

How do you recognize freshly roasted beans? By the fact that they do not crumble, do not lose their potential and richness of flavor. Roasting the beans helps release essential oils, which in turn releases all the goodness of their flavor and aroma. Raw coffee beans contain about a dozen aromatic compounds, while freshly roasted coffee can release up to a thousand different aromas! 

2. Fresh coffee = high-quality coffee 

Coffee sold by the largest corporations often waits to reach our homes for several months. But the best, richest flavors are experienced up to three months after roasting at most! Raw coffee beans can even be stored for several months without losing their taste and aroma, but roasting initiates the oxidation process, causing the coffee to start aging. Aging isn't entirely terrible? In the case of coffee, not entirely, because such coffee slowly loses its unique properties.

Professional coffee roasting helps the beans fully develop. The aromas and flavors obtained are unique and unparalleled. Beans roasted in smaller, more elite roasteries are given the necessary time to properly develop their attributes, unlike industrial roasteries. Therefore, to obtain high quality, besides the freshness of roasting, be sure to check the place of coffee roasting.

3. Unique sensory experience 

Freshly roasted coffee has the right level of acidity, making the brew not bland. However, the best coffees are not acidic, but offer a harmonious balance of sweetness with bitterness and a delicate hint of citrus. They also provide intensity and full consistency, leaving our taste buds with a delicate feeling of viscosity. Freshly roasted coffee is characterized by a perfect balance of all these features. Beans roasted a few months earlier will not enchant us as much as exceptional freshly roasted coffee.

The degree of bean roasting affects the tasting experience of the coffee. Lightly roasted coffee is characterized by a delicate, cinnamon color, its taste refreshes, is subtly acidic, but we perceive fewer aromas than in darker roasted coffees. Medium roasted coffee is in a light brown shade, balanced between bitterness and acidity, with noticeable floral aromas. While dark roasted coffee is strongly brown to black, oily, and without noticeable citrus notes.




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